Properties for Sale in Gozo

With Malta being one of the hottest destinations on Earth right now, a bright spotlight has been shone on Gozo, one of the islands located around Malta. Gozo is a very desirable place to live or stay, especially for those who are retired or are traveling. Gozo is located conveniently close to the Malta mainland so you can even take a ferry from one island to the other.

If you are looking for properties in Gozo, there is undoubtedly a lot of things you want to know about the historic island and what things there are to do. We’ll walk you through all of this information in this post!

About Gozo

Gozo is an island that is located in the Malta archipelago of islands. It is a wonderful place that is surrounded on all sides by the Mediterranean sea. It is full of history, and the island takes pride in its ancient heritage. It has always been a beautiful place, but is just now becoming more well-known because of the success of Malta as a country economically.

Living in Gozo–Working in Malta

This is probably something that you’re wondering if feasible. Many people would love to live in Gozo and work in Malta, but as it stands right now, there is no road link between the two islands. This unfortunately does not make it very realistic for someone to work in Malta but live in Gozo, unless they want to take the ferry every day which would be incredibly time-consuming and expensive.

This situation might be able to work, however, if you only needed to go into the office a day or two a week or you could work remotely and go to the mainland whenever you were needed. This is something that you would have to work out with our employer. For most people, it’s not an option to live on one island and work on the other.

Types of Properties Available

While small, Gozo has a number of living opportunities and types of properties available. If you are looking to settle down in Gozo, you can easily find a home or villa to purchase. You can also purchase apartments if you prefer something a little bit more minimalistic.

It’s common for those living in Gozo to purchase historical homes and fix them up to be modern while still respecting the old design. This can be done, but it’s very expensive and shouldn’t be considered unless you have an incredibly high budget.

Whether you are an individual or a family, you should certainly be able to find something that works for you in Gozo. It is a diverse area with tons of activities and properties on the marketplace.


As Malta becomes more popular of a destination each day, so does Gozo, the island to its west. Gozo is a tropical destination with thousands of activities to do and a very rich culture that steps from early colonists from Sicily. If you are looking to purchase property in a temperate, thriving area, Gozo would be an excellent choice.